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Enter to win $12,000 in our second basic income giveaway!

(Open to residents of all US states and territories)

Congratulations to our first winner, Terry from Montana, who will be receiving an extra $500 a month for all of 2018 & 2019!

ARicherYou.com has one goal — to make a richer you. We do this by providing awesome money tips to help you earn more, save more, and invest more. We also love running basic income giveaways!

How it works

The winner of this giveaway will receive $500/month for two years in the form of PayPal cash, cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin), or similar. Simply enter below to get started!

After entering with your email address, there are 3 ways that you can earn additional entries:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
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To provide additional entry options we have partnered with a variety of brands — and you can earn entries by signing up for newsletters, taking surveys (that pay you), and completing other tasks.

For every item that you complete on the list below (after entering your email address) you’ll receive more entries into our giveaway! And you don’t have to complete them all today — come back anytime before the end of the giveaway to earn more entries.

*Please note: 1) All forms of entry are free. 2) All stated entries will be validated before a prize is awarded.

Things to know

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Now, take the first step to a richer you and enter our basic income giveaway right here!

Here’s to a richer you.

*Please note: Due to state sweepstakes regulations, winners from Florida or New York will be limited to a $500/month basic income for 10 months, for a total prize value of $5,000. Contact your state representatives to change this legislation.

*Affiliate notice: Some of the brands that we discuss on this page and in our emails compensate us to assist with running the site and sponsoring our basic income giveaway. Thank you for your support of A Richer You and our partners.

Remember, we don’t collect your telephone number — so email is the only way that we can communicate with you if you win! Check your spam folder and add contact@aricheryou.com to your address book (please note, the first email may take 24 hours to arrive).

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