Win Big with Lottery Alternatives

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We believe that the secret to A Richer You (and a richer America) is through financial education,  automating  your savings, and offering all Americans a  Universal Basic Income.

One of the worst money decisions that anyone can make (and one of America's biggest scams) is playing the lottery. You have better odds of dying in a car accident on your way to purchase the ticket than you do of actually winning.

But don't worry! Your dreams of becoming a winner don't have to disappear when you give up the lottery. In fact,  your odds improve.

Instead of playing the lottery, invest what you would have spent on tickets (that's $800/year for the average American) using  one of these automatic investing services. Now, when you retire in 35 years, you'll be guaranteed close to $150k!

Then, use these  100% free  websites, sweepstakes, and prize-linked savings accounts to win anywhere from a few bucks to $2+ million! That's right,  these lottery alternatives give you a way to win millions of dollars  without spending a penny.

So start entering! Good luck.

Lottery Alternative Grand Prize
$500/month paycheck for two yearsGrand Prize
$1 millionGrand Prize
$2 million + $10,000/mo for life + a new carGrand Prize
Thousands of sweepstakesGrand Prize