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Our story is just beginning and we want you to be a part of it!

We're building a richer America — and that begins with  A Richer You.

A Richer You's goal is to share  everything you need to know about money, simplified.  We're not just building another blog, we're developing a resource that you can visit and find the answers to any of your financial questions.

In short, at A Richer You we believe:

  • Anyone can become financially secure (and even rich) by taking simple steps to grow their wealth, reduce their debt, and plan for the future. Our blog shares tips and strategies to help create a richer you.
  • A Universal Basic Income (UBI) may be able to eliminate poverty. By giving all Americans a very basic living wage we can keep families together, encourage entrepreneurship, and eliminate homelessness and starvation that shouldn't exist in our 1st World nation. If you aren't familiar with this concept,  read  What is a Basic Income? to learn more (it's a pretty awesome idea).
  • The lottery is a scam and unfair tax on Americans that are bad at math (and predominantly low-income). We advocate for the elimination of lotteries  — replacing them with prize-linked savings accounts and sweepstakes that are  free to enter  and allow people to win big prizes (sometimes as much as $2 million). If you want to win big without spending money, take a look at our list of  lottery alternatives.

Our future is tied with yours. And as we help you and other Americans reach financial freedom and achieve life goals, we will inevitably expand this section of our website to include your stories!

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Rob is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. A financial analyst, instructor, and healthcare leader, he enjoys using what he's learned from 10 years of studying business and money to help others achieve financial stability.


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