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If you want to upgrade your career, build out different job skills, or simply find more options tailored to particular interests and schedules, you're in luck! The age of the internet has completely revamped the job market, which means more opportunities and types of work that weren't possible decades ago.

Whether you are searching for a new full-time position, some freelance work, a tech gig, or more, there are plenty of job platforms to help you out.

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Tech jobsFocus
Tech jobsFocus
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There can be considerable overlap across these resources, but here are three factors you may want to consider while searching for jobs. The sky's the limit these days, and there are opportunities for everyone.


Depending on your schedule and interests, you may want to spend some time looking into freelance job opportunities. What's that exactly? A catch-all working category for people who have certain specific skills, or want to work a few extra hours during the week, or who can pick up a few odd jobs, you name it. Freelancers can choose their own projects, set their own hours, and exercise considerable control over what they do and when. On the flip side, that means it's your responsibility to dig in and find what you'd like to do. Sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Snagajob, and Flexjobs all offer freelance job postings, and they make it easy to target positions in your area and in line with your specifications.

Tech Focus

Plenty of online platforms help you sort through availabilities in the tech world. Perhaps you already have some expertise, or maybe you have spent a while building up coding skills through other resources: whichever way, you can peruse tailor-made opportunities on Hired, Vettery, and more. An advantage these platforms have over other online resources is they're specifically tech-focused. There's no more hunting through search results or trying to narrow down which opportunities may fit. Take a look if you know you'd like to dedicate your time and talents in the tech space.

Remote / Telecommuting

A third and increasingly popular factor for jobs is the ability to telecommute or work remotely, whether on a full- or a part-time basis. No need to explain the appeal here! Everyone likes a little added flexibility, and now you can search specifically for location independent jobs. Perhaps you are planning some travel and will be hopping around cities, or want to make sure you can stay at home most of the day, or simply want the freedom to work anywhere you've got an internet connection. If those factors sound familiar and drive you and your career goals, look into remote opportunities.

These resources should help as you track down what you're looking for, whether it's a full-time career switch, part-time gig for travel money in your neighborhood, some extra hours on the weekends, or more. Best of luck on the hunt!