Resources to help real estate investors succeed

As a real estate investor, I'm always looking for resources to increase my income and make the property ownership experience as hassle-free as possible. 

Here are some of the tools I've found to be beneficial to landlords and investors. 

Better Mortgage

If you're looking for a great mortgage rate and an easy closing process, check out Not only is their platform easy to use, but you can receive a pre-approval letter in 15 minutes and they guarantee to beat any other rate you find, or they'll send you $1000 cash. If you need to borrow money, this is the best platform I've found. 


Are you tired of reviewing tenant applications and chasing after rent payments? provides two valuable services. First, they provide a hassle-free background check service you can ask your potential renters to use. Second, they offer automatic rent payments — where tenants can use bank transfer or credit card, and it costs you nothing (and renters nothing if they do a bank transfer). 

Home Advisor provides access to thousands of services across the country. Whether you're looking for a local plumber, or someone to replace the roof on your rental property across the country, Home Advisor allows you to receive quotes from multiple vendors able to meeting your maintenance/repair need. 


Are you interested in purchasing a turnkey rental property with established cashflow? If yes, check out, where you can find available properties for sale with property managers in place, established tenants, and a history of stable rental income. is a particularly great resource for investors who are interested in property outside of their local area.


If you're interested in investing in real estate without dealing with landlord challenges, check out Fundrise. is a platform that allows people to invest in real estate funds with as little as $500, and earn an average of 8-10% returns. I've invested with Fundrise for several years now, and love it.

Worthy Bonds

As a real estate investor, it's likely that you have a substantial amount of cash sitting around. How would you like to earn a secure 5% return from this cash while waiting to place it in your next property? Worth Bonds allows you to invest as little as $10 and earn a 5% annual return — while being able to withdraw the funds at any time.