Pinterest - 10 Awesome Money Apps You Should be UsingFrom discount shopping, to splitting the tab, to investing, smartphones have revolutionized the way we manage money.

Explore the following money apps to discover to ways to earn, save, and invest. And potentially make $50 just for signing up!

1. Ibotta – The best coupon app for in-store shopping

ibottaThis app allows you to find and redeem coupons instantly for in-store purchases.

The next time you walk into a grocery store, simply open up the app to see what coupons are available. Select the ones you would like to redeem and take a picture of your receipt.

Once your account reaches $20 you can cash out (it's pretty easy to reach this threshold). Use this link or promo code mfkxxsb for an extra $5 after redeeming your first coupon.

2. Raise  – Buy discount gift cards

raiseUse Raise to find discount gift cards to popular stores and restaurants — saving up to 25% on everyday purchases.

In short, Raise buys unwanted gift cards from people who receive them for Christmas, birthdays, or employee recognition programs — at a discounted rate. They then resell those to the rest of us for a great deal!  

You can use this link for a free $5 credit toward your first purchase.

3. Qapital – Create savings goals and reach them automatically

QapitalWho wouldn't like to have more money in the bank? Qapital makes it easy to automate your savings by scheduling regular transfers, rounding up credit card purchases, or establishing other rules like “save $5 every time a buy fast food”.

Simply set up a financial goal (vacation fund, college savings, new car, etc) and let Qapital help you reach it.

Plus, if you sign up through this link, they'll add an additional $5 toward your goal after the first deposit.

4. Robinhood  – No-fee stock investing

robinhoodRobinhood is an award-winning app that makes buying and selling stocks easy — and 100% free! With no fees to buy or sell, Robinhood lets investors buy as little as 1 share in any stock on the market.

Right now, you can get a free random share of stock when you join Robinhood through our special link here and deposit funds into your account. This share of stock could be worth anywhere from $2-$150+.

5. Long Game – Win the lottery by saving money

longgameHow would you like to get paid to play the lottery? Well, that's essentially what Long Game does!

As a Prize-Linked Savings Account (PLSA), Long Game gives you coins for saving money. The more you save, the more coins you earn. These coins can then be used to play a variety of games for cash – including a $1 million lottery.

If you join through this link or use the promo code REGK7JW you'll receive a free spin with a guaranteed win — up to $5,000.

6. Coinbase  – Invest in Bitcoin

coinbaseCoinbase is a platform that allows users to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

With a limited supply and freedom from any global government, the value of Bitcoin has often increased by 10x in a single year. Although still perceived as a relatively risky investment, Bitcoin may one day replace the gold standard.

You can receive $10 in free Bitcoin with a $100 investment by joining Coinbase through this link.

7. Acorns  – Invest your spare change

acornsAcorns is an app that automates your investing by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar and investing the difference. For example, if you eat out and spend $8.25, Acorns will round that purchase up to $9 and add $0.75 to your investment account.

Acorns offers a low-cost and automatic way to invest. For just $1/month, Acorns will automate your investing so that you can grow your wealth without any effort on your part.

Right now, Acorns will add $5 to your account when you start investing through this link or add the promo code DKXNXV.

Note: Although this is a great app for learning about investing, you'll lose money if you only invest a few dollars a month because of the fees. So if you only have a couple of dollars a month, it may be better to focus on saving first (using a free service like Qapital or Long Game).

8. Venmo  – Send money to friends and family for free

Venmovenmo is fast becoming the most popular way to split bills and pay back friends and family.

Simply set up your bank account and send payments to people you know for free! Or, use a credit card for a small fee.

This is a great way to go in on gifts together or ensure that you are paid before spotting your friend who “forget his wallet”.

9. Square Cash  – Send (more) money to friends and family for free

square-cashThe Square Cash app is a free way to pay friends and family. Simply connect your bank account and send money whenever you would like for free — or use a credit card for a small fee.

Once you join through this link and send $5, Square Cash will automatically deposit a $10 bonus into your account.

10. SaveUp  – Enter a $2 million lottery by tracking your finances

saveupSaveUp makes tracking your finances rewarding, by providing opportunities to win anywhere from a $50 gift card to a $2 million lottery.

Earn points by making payments on your loans and credit cards, adding money to your savings account, and achieving other financial goals. Then, use these points to enter a variety of contests and giveaways to win real money.

Get to it!  

Technology offers opportunities to reach financial security with money-saving apps. But technology also changes what the job market demands. Keep current by learning new skills or picking up a side hustle to continue your professional development.

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