Trim is an automated savings application that allows users to save money on everyday bills through automated financial assistance. Trim boasts features such as Comcast bill negotiation, subscription cancellation and automated expense cuts for credit card debt, overly expensive insurance rates and late fees. It's a perfect tool for anyone interested in regaining control over their finances, especially for those with less experience in personal finance.

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Trim Review

If you're interested in signing up, you can sign up with your online banking login credentials. You will additionally need to link your phone number or Facebook Messenger account for Trim to communicate with you.

The true beauty of Trim is it's automated financial assistant feature. Whether you're a busybody or simply new to the world of personal finance, Trim can steer you in the right direction.

The Pros

Trim is perfect for beginners just starting to navigate the world of credit cards and bill payments. It is also a great go-to tool for anyone who is simply too busy to manage their finances.

Here are the pros associated with Trim:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Automates bill pay (no more headaches after pouring over bill after bill!)
  • Cut sneaky, random fees or charges (especially for subscription based services)
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions
  • Safe and secure to use (Trim does not get access to private bank information thanks to encryption )
  • Trim does not charge fees for helping you cancel unnecessary subscriptions
  • You can earn cash back through “Trim Savings”, Trim has a relationship with Visa that allows users to earn a couple of dollars in cash back each month
  • Easily set up alerts for Trim to notify you if, for example, you have a low bank account balance or a new late fee
  • Save money on bills through Trim's automated deal shopping feature (it can compare insurance packages, negotiate price adjustments with Amazon and more)

The Cons

There are not very many cons to using the Trim app. Overall, Trim offers features that are easy to use full of money-saving benefits.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, so we have gathered a few of the cons mentioned by Trim users:

  • On occasion, the app might have trouble with cancelling certain subscriptions, especially subscriptions that require complicated steps
  • To qualify for the “Trim Savings” feature, you need to enter your Visa card into their database (not quite as secure as the rest of their features). Fortunately they promise not to use your Visa information for anything outside of the Savings feature.
  • Trim only catches subscriptions that have been billed in the last 90 days (there is a slight possibility for it to miss annually paid subscriptions)

Bill Negotiator Campaign

Trim's Bill Negotiator Campaign is cutting edge and a major step in the automated financial management arena. So much so that we thought it would be best to create an entire section about the campaign.

The Bill Negotiator Campaign handles everything from cable and internet service providers to negotiating lower phone bills. It's centered on getting better pricing for equivalent or better services and plans.

Another key aspect of the campaign feature is that they can link users' Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T accounts. They additionally offer an option for uploading and negotiating bills for negotiating with other service providers including Verizon, DirecTV, Cox Communications, Optimum and more.

The best part of this service is that Trim only charges users if they save money (25% of annual savings). If negotiations are unsuccessful, they won't charge users anything.

Finally, Trim continues to monitor accounts and renegotiate for additional savings if any other savings opportunities present themselves. In the past month, users who have taken advantage of this option have saved a total of $1.2 million on bills!


Trim is a great app for anyone new to the personal finance arena. It is also a great fit for anyone seeking additional assistance with smart bill pay, saving money and lowering rates on anything from television subscriptions, to mobile or even insurance rates. It's easy to navigate and alerts users via texts or Facebook Messenger if they have any issues with their personal bank accounts. Click here to see if Trim can save you money!

If Trim App doesn't seem like something you're ready for, that's alright. We offer free weekly financial advice on our blog!

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