My ultimate dream-come-true scenario would be my husband and I quitting our jobs and being free to travel the world. In the past, a dream like this would be nearly unthinkable as it would involve having the money to pay for such an adventure up front or being able to find jobs in country while traveling.

Thanks to the internet, many jobs can be done from anywhere. Even if you don’t want to travel the world, it can still be appealing to have a high-paying job you can do from home.

Intrigued at the idea of a job you can do from anywhere in the world? Here are ten jobs that you can not only do from your couch, favorite café, or latest travel destination marked off your bucket list, but also pay well.

1. App Developer

Are you extremely tech savvy, maybe even a computer science degree holder? App development can be a great option for a job that you can do anywhere. App developers create applications for a variety of devices, as well as test and program them after creation. Your favorite smartphone or computer apps were created by an app developer.

The highest paying jobs will require experience and likely a relevant degree, but this can be a great job to do remotely if you’re qualified.


2. Web Developer

Web developers help design, code, and modify websites for clients. If you have a talent for this sort of work and an eye for what’s aesthetically pleasing (clients want websites that look as great as they are functional), consider web development as a job you can do at home, your favorite coffee shop, or while travelling the world.

3. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be done anywhere, and often at any time. If you want the freedom to create your own schedule and workspace, freelance writing is a great option for you. Freelance writing can take many different forms, from ghostwriting books to blogging or technical writing and everything in between.

4. Health Care Professional

Health Care professionals – you might be able to go remote with your job! Nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and radiologists, you may be able to find a virtual job that would allow you to help people online from wherever you are. Or, you can consider becoming a traveling nurse/doctor/pharmacist/etc — and enjoy a new location every 3-6 months.

5. Online Teacher

Online teaching can be a great option for people with a variety of skills and interests. You can look into post-secondary teaching for an online program at a university or community college.

Another option is to teach English online to non-native English speakers looking to improve their skills. There are various English teaching platforms that connect you to students around the world, or you could even consider traveling to another country and teaching English in person.  

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are extremely valuable to their clients. Doing everything from social media management to making travel arrangements and scheduling appointments, every virtual assistant job will look different. Each client will have different expectations for their virtual assistant, but this can definitely be a great job to do from anywhere, especially if you’re organized and detail-oriented.  

7. Project Manager

Virtual Project Management pays well and is in high demand, making it an attractive option for qualified individuals looking to be able to work anywhere. Remote Project Management is challenging, but can be very rewarding as well for those who work hard and are well organized.

8. Translator

Are you fluent in another language? Maybe you’re looking for a job that allows you to improve that language fluency while also immersing in that culture? Translation skills can lead to great opportunities for virtual jobs.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in high demand, and virtual graphic design can be a great job to do from anywhere. Artists tend to have more freedom to create their own workspaces, so it’s no surprise that virtual graphic design jobs are not at all uncommon. A great place to get started is on Fiverr.


10. Consultant

Are you an expert in a specific field with knowledge that could be useful for others? An online consulting job can be a great way to work from anywhere while making good money. Consultant responsibilities and job descriptions vary, but consultants are very valuable to businesses. Becoming a virtual consultant can be a great way to work where you want to, make decent money, and help businesses thrive.


Written by Amber Miller.