American Homeowner Preservation Fund (AHPFund) allows anyone to invest as little as $100 in real estate mortgages and earn a targeted 12% annual return. AHPFund buys distressed mortgages and works with the home owners to keep them in their homes. Essentially, AHPFund allows you invest in real estate while doing good.


AHPFund Review: One of the best real estate investments for beginning investors (and the rest of us)

How can you invest in real estate without a lot of money? Unless you have a rich uncle, usually you can't. Fortunately, this is changing.

Like Fundrise and other real estate crowdfunding platforms, AHPFund provides an affordable and low-stress way to make money in real estate.

How AHPFund works for investors

AHPFund aims to give investors a 12% annual return, paid monthly. Although these returns can't be guaranteed, since the fund started accepting non accredited investors in 2013, they have consistently paid back 12% a year (1% every month). And, because they often buy mortgages for around 50% of their value, they can afford a few bad deals while still paying back investors.

Learn more about how investors make money with AHPFund here.

How AHPFund works for homeowners

How AHPFund works for homeownersAHPFund buys distressed mortgages at a discount and works with the homeowners to try to keep them in their homes. They talk with the homeowner to determine their goals, and then work to create a win-win outcome.

Because these mortgages are bought at a discount (often around 50% of the mortgage value), the AHPFund team can afford to work with the homeowners to find the best win-win solution.

For owners that want to stay in their homes, they may be able to negotiate a lower monthly payment by extending their mortgage. Meanwhile, owners who want to leave may be offered a reasonable option to walk away from the property.

The pros of investing with AHPFund

For amateurs and professionals, AHPFund can be a great addition to your investment strategy. Some of the pros of investing with AHPFund include:


  • Easy to get started: All you have to do is set up an account and transfer money from your bank account and you're in! No complicated decisions to make.
  • Start with just $100: Unlike buying traditional real estate, you can start earning returns with just $100. And most other real estate crowdfunding platforms require a minimum of $500-1000.
  • Consistent and stable returns of 12%: Although the stock market can shoot up by 30% in a year, it can also drop. AHPFund's stable 12% is much higher than most stable returns (although there is still risk with this investment).
  • Monthly distributions: The 12% returns are paid back at 1% monthly. This means that a $100,000 investment would give you residual income of $1,000/month.
  • An investment that helps others: Not only do you make money, but you help keep families in their homes. It's one of our favorite ways to invest while helping others.
  • Withdraw at any time: There's no minimum time that you must invest. Depending on the size of your investment, you can usually get access to your funds within a week or two. However, if you leave the money in for less than a year, your returns will be reduced to 10-11%.
  • Great company leadership: Warren Buffett only invests in companies that he believes have great leadership. After several conversations with the leaders behind AHPFund, we are impressed. Their knowledge, experience, and desire to make the world a better place, are all admirable traits.


The cons of investing with AHPFund

Of course, at A Richer You we always want to mention the drawbacks and risks associated with a company. Here are some cons to consider with AHPFund:


  • Investments aren't guaranteed: As with most investments, your money is not protected from loss. You could lose all, or a portion of, your investment (like you would if you invested in stocks).
  • Returns are capped at 12%: Even if AHPFund earns a 50% annual return, you are still limited to just 12%. Although a great consistent return, it's not as high as other, more speculative, investments.
  • Maximum investment of 10% of your net worth or income for non-accredited investors: As with other non-traditional investments, if you don't earn over $200k/year, your investment maximum is capped at 10% of your net worth or annual income – whichever is less.  
  • Investors don't get real estate tax breaks: When you own real estate, you can depreciate the property – with crowdfunding sites, this isn't an option.
  • AHPFund's focus on helping others may reduce possible returns: If AHPFund was harder on homeowners, they could possibly earn higher returns and pass those on to investors. So, if you're a cut-throat investor who doesn't care about others, there may be better options for you.


Is AHPFund legit or a scam?AHP is Legit!

As with any investment, it's smart to ask: Is AHPFund legitimate?

The answer is yes. AHPFund is legitimate.

We have spoken directly with the team, invested and withdrawn investments from the platform, and evaluated their business model.

Although there is risk of loss (as with any investment), AHPFund has taken the appropriate measures required by law to offer crowdfunded investments to the public.


AHPFund is a great way to invest in real estate without the headaches of property management.

Considering the relatively high returns, monthly distributions, and the fact that AHPFund helps families, it may be worth adding AHPFund to your list of investments.


We always love hearing from our readers. Have you tried AHPFund? If yes, share your experience in the comments below.

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